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Date of posting: 2014-10-06 04:59:13
Page Views: 1701
Dispute with: A Business, Company, or Store
Amount: Over $100,000
Description: Dr. put me on Zoloft 3 months ago . I have since been admitted for ekg's ecko ,stress tests as my heart had developed an extra beat.I am perfectly healthy I was told . So I decided to stop taking zoloft. low and behold my heart problem has gone away. It has been proven that it causes heart problems in unborn infants ,so why wouldn't it effect an adult. I also had stomach issues and difficulty breathing,hyper activity all treated by adding other meds. These problems have also disappeared.I do not know if permanent damage has been done ,but the pschological scare for me and my family plus weeks of lost work have been great.
Zipcode: 12847
State: New York


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