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Trust Fund Theft

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Date of posting: 2014-10-06 01:56:20
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Dispute with: A Family member
Amount: Over $100,000
Description: In 1978 an irrevocable Trust was opened for me as a minor. Never received any money. Closed out in 2002 through letter sent to bank authorized by trustee to send monies to investment adviser. New irrevocable Trust opened in 1994 for me. Sole asset in this trust shares in my fathers corporation. Corporation netted a $49 million profit, trust lost $150K and paid $400K in taxes. Trust went to PNC wealth Mgmt who brought it to $1.6 million in 2002. Transferred to fathers investment adviser that year $700K goes missing. By 2006 it was up to $1.6 million again and now is at zero. I never received any monies. Family limited partnership set up. Trust was part of it, bought out in 2010, no notice to me, received nothing. My father controls all these monies as settlor, can't afford an attorney.
Zipcode: 15228


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