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Ticketmaster Fraud and Negligenc (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2015-04-02 18:46:33
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Dispute with: A Business, Company, or Store
Amount: I just want Justice
Description: I purchased Tickets for myself and my kids to attend the circus in February 2015. Due to winter storm advisories, I called ticketmaster to exchange my tickets to a later date considering I had two small children that did not need to be in such weather. The rep gladly found more tickets in a similar section for a later date. The tickets I exchanged had an $8.00 difference and I agreed to pay on the spot. I was told that I could not pay with a different card and would have to pay with the original one I used which was a prepaid card, I informed the rep that there were no funds on the card and the rep even went a step further to double check if I could use a different card for payment to ensure I would be promised these seats. He stated that unfortunately a different card could not be used but that I would have 4 days to pay the $8.00. I was surprised but satisfied that they were willing to work with me and not force me to rush out to transfer $8.00 to my card, which I tried to do immediately but the rep insisted I didnt. When I called after two days to pay the remaining balance of $8.00, I find out my tickets are cancelled WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. Im furious because not only am I out of $180.00 but my kids are out of a chance to see the circus for the first time. Im transferred to a supervisor who attempts to listen to the call but claims he could not hear the entire phone call between me and the rep so he escalates my problem to corporate level and ensures me someone will listen to the call and refund my money in 4-5 days. He lets me know that corporate handles problems across the world so that's why it will take 4-5 days. I call in 7 and I'm given the run around and transferred twice and then finally told a supervisor would call me which they NEVER DID. Its been over a month and I finally decided to call ticketmaster again because once again I have not heard from them. I am transferred to corporate level in which I spoke to a lady name PAM who seems at first she would be the one to resolve this issue. The phone call immediately starts with lies! She tells me she cannot listen to the phone call since it was made on February 20 but later in the phone calls she blurps out that a phone call could not be listened to after 60 days!!!!! Today is April 2!!!!!! It has only been 41 days. She also tells me that SHE is the one who denied my case because of the policy that tickets can not be held after the an event has passed...which makes sense but I was not told of this policy of the time of which I purchased my order and the rep told me 4 days!!!!!!!!! Ticketmaster policy is now invalid to me!!!! You're telling me the policy says this but you own representative of your company tells me something totally different??? And now Im not granted a refund simply because of your policy that obviously your rep did not follow? Also you was given my case to listen to a recording and you never bothered to listen??? This PAM was rude and very obnoxious. Once again encountered yet a another representative of ticketmaster lying to me and be very unsympathetic to consumer needs. Ticketmaster stole money from me and refuses to give it back. PAM simply tells me to file a dispute with my credit card company but the dispute with with Ticketmaster!!! I want justice! This is unfair and shameful how a employee of ticketmaster on a corporate level treats people. Very disgusting and unprofessional!
Zipcode: 30350


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