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Stolen Trust Fund

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Date of posting: 2009-11-16 16:52:36
Page Views: 1462
Dispute with: A Family member
Amount: $10,001 to $100,000
Description: My wife has (had) a trust fund left to her by her grandmother. Her father was left as the trustee on the account. In a dispute when my wife was 18, my wife was forced to leave home, and my father in law refuses to speak to her, including providing any informaiton about the trust account. The account was supposedly used for personal expenses by my father in law, where it was supposed to be used for my wife's education. Now, we are trying to send my wife back to school, and we would like to take back the rights to the trust account, and any moneys taken from it in violation of the terms of the account. We have a method of approach in suing her father, but would like to present the case via an lawyer to increase odds of winning the case.
Zipcode: 08873
State: New Jersey


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