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Online Robbery (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2014-12-06 21:43:02
Page Views: 1548
Dispute with: A Business, Company, or Store
Amount: $1 to $1,000
Description: A played this server for about 2 weeks now, in total i probably have spent more then 150 euros on it, and while i was just about to donate again, the ADMIN of the game had ban manners for some reason, i am guessing personal issues, and he transferred them on to me, so what he decided to do instead of saying, no sorry cant do that, he said and i quote"no we wont do it cuz u asking bull shit that is not possible" then further on i ask why are you talking in this manner, and this is his response once again and i quote "k gtfo & enjoy ur ban" just in case someone does not understand what he means here, ok get the f*** off and enjoy your banned account, which he just had done. now i don't know but i think that is theft
Zipcode: EIRE


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