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Feds Deny My Active Duty Service

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Date of posting: 2014-11-19 00:57:10
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Dispute with: A Government Organization
Amount: Over $100,000

(An Example of Just How Corrupt Our Government Has Become)

E-Mail: irwin2@bellsouth.net

BACKGROUND, Ralph Irwin, Major, USAF (Ret.)

1951 Born in Homestead, FL, Attended Neva King Cooper Elem;
1960 Moved to Arlington VA, 1970 graduate, George C Marshall H.S.;
1971 Artilleryman (draft), 101st Airborne Div., Phu Bia, Vietnam;
1973 Paramedic, Northern Virginia Doctors Ambulance, Alexandria;
1974 Army Warrant Officer Candidate (flight school), Ft. Rucker, AL;
1975 UH-1H Pilot (air assault), 82nd Airborne Div, Ft. Bragg, NC;
1978 USAF Officer Training School (commission), Lackland AFB, TX;
1979 UH-1N Special Ops Pilot, 24th Comp. Sq., Howard AFB, Panama;
1982 UH-1N Rescue Instructor Pilot, 40 ARRS, Homestead AFB, FL;
1985 Air Traffic Control Officer Course, Shaw AFB, SC;
1986 Chief, Air Traffic Control Operations, Patrick AFB, FL;
1989 Asst. Director of Operations, 1st Heli. Sq., Andrews AFB, MD;
1993 Retired - 20 years of military service - Moved to Homestead;
(Repaired hurricane-damaged house next door to parents);
1993 Repaired/sold two other damaged houses;
1993–2008: Daily caregiver to Dad (Heart) & Mom (Alzheimer's);
1995 Police Officer, Miami-Dade Police Dept., Top graduate;
1997 Aircraft Dispatcher, Falcon Air Express, Miami, FL;
2000 Teacher (6-8), St John’s Episcopal School, Homestead, FL;
2001 Student, F.I.U. & Miami-Dade College (Sci. & Ed.), Honors;
2003 Instructor, Homestead Middle & Aspira South Charter;
2005 Teacher, 4th Grade (K-8 sub), Key Largo School, Key Largo, FL;

Recalled BACK to active duty - after being retired from the military for nearly 18 years - to manage the world-wide deployment/redeployment of Special Operations aircraft in support of combat operations and missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Assigned to USAF Special Operations Command Hq, Hurlburt Field, Florida.


WHY? To avoid complying with the law MANDATING removal of a case to federal court when a servicemember is sued.

28 U.S.C. § 1442a – Members of Armed Forces Sued or Prosecuted:

A civil…prosecution in a court of a State against a member of the armed forces…in respect to which he claims any right, title, or authority under a law … respecting the armed forces … may at any time before the trial or final hearing…be removed for trial into the district court … in the manner prescribed by law, and it shall … be entered on the docket of the district court, which shall proceed as if the cause had been originally commenced therein and shall have full power to hear and determine the cause.

WHY? To block me from showing unmistakable evidence - in the more transparent arena of the federal court - of over 100 well-documented supported instances of unethical conduct and willful violations of County, State and Federal Civil and Criminal statutes - and of many Constitutional wrongdoings - intentionally committed by County and State Judges, Appellate Judges, attorneys, other judicial officers, and William Losner, Chairman of the Board of 1st National Bank of South Dade - AND unidentified officials at Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) [complaint # 01240193][they refused to identify themselves when replying back to Sen. Bill Nelson’s congressional investigation [# 110797-2DS].

Integrity is the foundation of our Judicial Branch. Judges’ Code of Conduct “Canon 1” states “A Judge Should Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary.”

This sounds nice but HERE’S how Judges READ it - and PRACTICE it:

A Judge Must Uphold the APPEARANCE of Integrity by WHATEVER Means Necessary - UNETHICAL, UNJUST or ILLEGAL - to Insure and Perpetuate Judicial Credibility AND Unaccountability.

And it’s why I’m dangerous. I show the MANY instances were Judges perpetrate these criminal acts - and I publicize it.

I spent 15 years of my life and sacrificed much caring for the daily needs of my parents, only to be followed by spending six years, thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars defending my & Dad’s rights when there’s been absolutely NO affirmative allegation, showing or ruling – by anyone – anywhere – I’ve done ANYTHING legally or morally wrong.

The ONLY thing I’m guilty of is holding OTHERS accountable for their many unfair actions and egregious violations of law – and I’ve been SEVERELY PUNISHED for doing so.

It’d take 100+ pages to summarize everything, but generally, the violations involve 1) the involuntary, unnecessary and willfully unjust “guardianship” of ORVAL IRWIN (with greed being the motivation); 2) implied false, unsupported allegations; 3) substantial and repeated fraud; 4) denial of competent legal representation; 5) denial of the right to access the court; 6) denial of right to petition the court for a redress of grievances as both a state & federal court-recognized, indigent “in forma pauperis” pro se litigate; 7) fraudulent, immaterial & unsupported findings, rulings and orders; 8) grand theft; 9) collusion; 10) conspiracy; 11) denial of lawfully expressed wishes; 12) indefinite “suspension” of advance directives; 13) repeated un-filing of filed documents; 14) two ‘lost’ original Will documents in custody of probate clerk & attorney; 15) repeated refusal to recognize or acknowledge existence of a repeatedly filed duplicate Will; 16) denial of right to privacy; 17) denial of right to discovery; 18) theft and financial exploitation by “guardian” and judicial officers; 19) denial of right to present evidence; 20) denial of right to evidentiary hearings; 21) denial, dismissal and striking of yet-to-be-heard filed and scheduled pleadings without just cause or explanation; 22) “forced debt transfer” and taking of property ($64,522) without due process or writ of attachment; 23) purposeful omission of filed pleadings from record on appeal; 24) ex parte communications, 25) dismissal of appeals & motions without just cause or explanation; 26) fraudulent “Trust”; 27) deliberate violations of law; 28) intentional violations of due process of law; 29) refusal to conduct an investigation; 30) deliberate disregard of material facts; 32) judicial acts performed without jurisdiction; 33) repeatedly blocking a lawful conclusion of a case; 34) issuance of summary judgment despite “unclean hands,” the merits of my complaints not having been addressed and the multitude of “genuine issues of material facts” remaining and MANY more violations, including 35) the plaintiff, attorneys, other judicial officers, and bank and federal officials participated in, and/or condoned, encouraged, permitted or tolerated said violations, which clearly constitutes a policy, custom and practice of unjustified, unreasonable and illegal activity perpetrated upon myself and my father ORVAL IRWIN in violation of, inter alia, the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Back to Lenard & O’Sullivan Obstructing Justice by Obstructing Removal. If a servicemember is sued then removal must be allowed.

Lenard & O’Sullivan had only one way they could bar removal. Refuse to acknowledge I was on active duty.

28 U.S.C. § 1447…..(c), “If at any time before final judgment it APPEARS that the district court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, the case SHALL be remanded”; (d) “An order remanding a case to the State court from which it was removed is NOT reviewable on appeal or otherwise, EXCEPT that an order remanding a case to the State court from which it was removed pursuant to section 1442 [1442a, Members of Armed Forces Sued or Prosecuted] or 1443 [Civil Rights] of this title SHALL be reviewable by appeal or otherwise.” [Emphasis added]

Their objective: Make sure it “appears” the court lacks jurisdiction by refusing to recognize I was a Member of the Armed Forces.

Why? To prevent the Appellate Court from being forced to rule that § 1447(d) requires a remand order be reviewed on appeal since I was a member of the armed forces when sued - and that § 1442a dictates removal.

Judge Lenard and O’Sullivan’s tactic? Make it “appear” there was no military service, then § 1447(c) trumps § 1447(d).

If successful, they accomplish their # 1 goal: Shield state court judges and judicial officers by depriving me due process!


“Government officials are shielded only to the extent "their conduct does not violate clearly established constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known." Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800 (1982).


Government officials – particularly Judges – shield other government officials to the maximum extent possible – and without regard to facts, law or ethics – whenever it’s recognized their conduct, actions, findings or rulings violate clearly established constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.

In her remand order Judge Lenard follows Magistrate O’Sullivan’s despicable scheme of 1) citing accusatory case law without stating whether or not it applies; 2) refusing to affirmatively recognize any active duty military service; 3) avoiding any mention of the removal’s many civil and criminal cause of actions; AND 4) avoiding mentioning any of the many specific SERVICEMEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT cause of actions shown in the notice of removal, particularly this one:

50 App. U.S.C. § 521(c): PENALTY FOR MAKING OR USING FALSE AFFIDAVIT. “A person who makes or uses an affidavit permitted under subsection (b) (or a statement, declaration, verification, or certificate as authorized under subsection (b)(4)) knowing it to be false, shall be fined as provided in title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.” [Emphasis added]

This criminal charge (against Rodney Irwin & Sergio Mendez, P.A.) was cited 1) in the Removal w/ supporting exhibits; 2) the Civil Cover Sheet in block “Civil Statute Under Which You Are Filing;” AND my 3) Objections to the Magistrate’s Report & Recommendations w/supporting exhibits. Lenard & O’Sullivan IGNORE and make NO mention of this because:

28 U.S.C. §1441(b): “Any civil action of which the district courts have ORIGINAL jurisdiction founded on a claim or right arising under the Constitution, treaties or LAWS of the United States SHALL be removable…” [Emphasis]

Judge Lenard also uses OTHER tricks to avoid the federal court’s substantial subject matter jurisdiction of this case:

“Defendant maintains, in relevant part, that the state court proceedings violated his rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), 50 App. U.S.C. § 501 et seq.”

Here Lenard implies I cited the entire Act as my cause of action [a lie]. Why? Because case law exists to defeat a person’s claim if that occurs, thus the reason for her intentional misrepresentation of the causes stated in my removal.

Lenard also FRAUDULENTLY misrepresents the SERVICEMEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT (SCRA), 50 App. U.S.C. § 501 et seq.
HOW? By quoting what can only be described as bottom-of-the-barrel, off-point cases and other judges’ false and conclusory memorandum opinions [ - a common tactic by corrupt judges - ] to SUPPOSEDLY “prove” that since there’s no “private right of action” there’s no basis for federal jurisdiction:

“SCRA protects servicemembers in state, federal & administrative proceedings. But the SCRA neither creates a private right of action nor a basis for federal jurisdiction” U.S. Bank Nat Ass’n v. Gilliam, No. C-12-00837, 2012 WL 1067669 at *2 (N.D. Cal. Mar 28, 2012); see also Smith v. Mardis, No. 2:12–CV–3711, 2012 WL 6043275, at *3 (N.D. Ala. Dec. 5, 2012) (“[T]hat a procedural stay or other viable defense to a state-based complaint may exist under the SCRA does not confer this court with federal question jurisdiction..”).”

ENTIRELY FALSE. 50 App. U.S.C. § 597a is titled “Private Right of Action” and states a person may obtain ANY appropriate relief - including damages.

Attached to my Notice of Removal seen by Judges Lenard & O’Sullivan (and later, by Appellate Judges Barkett, Marcus, Dubina, Wilson & Pryor) are MANY official, certified and self-substantiating documents that unmistakably PROVE I was on active duty when sued - including, but not limited to, the many found attached my Notice of Removal’s Exhibit 15.


Attached to it: 1) Above DoD Status Report (06/01/12), 2) Awards & Decorations Information (06/03/12), 3) USAF HQ Official Proof of Service Letter (12/15/10), 4) Statement of Service Since 1971 (05/23/11), 5) Top Secret Clearance Adjudication (01/05/11), 6) Active Duty Recall/Air Force Special Order AGA-363 (06/25/10) - and 7) Five DD Form 214s (1971–2012) – the capstone document that represents the complete verified record of a person’s time in the military.

Despite the record showing I was “on active duty” when sued – and certified proof of Rodney & Mendez’s false affidavit - a federal crime - Judge Lenard still declared (wrongly and corruptly) that her court lacked ‘subject matter jurisdiction.’

Lenard remands the case back to state court - I file an appeal notice to the Eleventh Circuit Court Of Appeals in Atlanta.

[Note: StateIntegrity.Org’s CORRUPTION RISK REPORT CARD ranks Georgia 50th among the 50 States. Overall grade: ‘F’]


HOW? They “DISMISS” the appeal, stating:

“We do not have jurisdiction to review such an order on appeal. 28 U.S.C. § 1447 (c), (d); Alvarez v. Uniroyal Tire Co., 508 F.3d 639, 641 (11th Cir. 2007 (‘If any time before final judgment the district court issues an order remanding a case to state court because it lacks subject matter jurisdiction, that order is not reviewable.’). All pending motions are DENIED AS MOOT.”

They cite “1447(c)(d)”as the reason BUT refuse to quote the actual law.

Why? Because it wouldn’t serve their purpose!

Instead, they dig around until they find a case - Alvarez v. Uniroyal Tire Co - where the court erred by quoting the FIRST half of §1447(d) as a complete sentence [because the second half didn’t apply; no servicemember involved in the case].

And they used THAT court’s erroneous, incomplete quote of 1447(d) as their FULL JUSTIFICATION FOR DENYING ME THE RIGHT TO AN APPEAL!

HERE’S the 2nd half of § 1447(d) these Appellate Judges INTENTIONALLY omit – and STEADFASTLY REFUSE to recognize:

“ … is not reviewable on appeal or otherwise, EXCEPT that an order remanding a case to the State court from which it was removed pursuant to section 1442 [1442a, Members of Armed Forces Sued or Prosecuted] or 1443 [Civil Rights] of this title SHALL be reviewable by appeal or otherwise.” [Emphasis added]

In addition, the Judges conspicuously avoid making ANY statement as to their “1447(c)” justification for dismissal, i.e., they refuse to declare publicly whether or not it “APPEARED” “that the district court lacks subject matter jurisdiction.”

Of course I spot the crap they’re trying to pull. I file a detailed, well-justified and supported Motion for Reconsideration of their dismissal order denying my RIGHT to an appeal.

The Judges reply? Simply “MOTION DENIED.”

Furthermore, my filed Exhibit 15 with its many supporting attachments has been repeatedly & purposely hidden from public view by the Court of Appeals - as have numerous other documents that I sent there to have filed and docketed.

They’ve even resorted to subterfuge. There’s one place in the docket where it actually references the above notice, but when you click on it to download it, what the viewer sees instead is a prisoner notification letter sent to an inmate on September 9, 2013 - three days after the court closed this case and 10 days after the case’s last docket entry.

Equally reprehensible, on 09/06/13 the Court denied as “Moot” my 8/19/13 filed MOTION FOR ADMITTANCE AND NOTICE OF FILING MILITARY DD FORM 214 PROVING 9/1/10–9/1/12 ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE.” It’s clearly NOT moot!

Legally (as a pro se), that was the end of the line. An appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court would just be a waste of time. Only a very small percentage of cases ever get accepted by that court, and is no reason to believe THAT court isn’t just as corrupt as the two inferior federal courts.

So currently the situation is this:
The federal courts still refuse to recognize I’ve been in the military, and the Rodney-Mendez false affidavit remains filed in the state court record, and they’ve repeatedly refused to remove it. Circuit Court Judge Beatrice Butchko refused to hear the matter and - despite “dirty hands”- issued final summary judgment for the partition and forced sale of Dad’s house.

Although I’d removed the state case to federal court PRIOR to the final scheduled state court hearing where the money was to be distributed, Circuit Court Judge Victoria Sigler illegally ignored the Removal, held the hearing in my absence, and – clearly as punishment for me removing the case - awarded ALL my remaining inheritance from the sale of Dad’s house to my brother and his attorneys.[case: 12-12413-CA-42]

And they want more money, and have repeatedly threatened me with arrest.

Once again, I'm desperately SEEKING LEGAL REPRESENTATION.

27331 SW 164 AVE



All United States Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans and Retirees
Ares, Robert (CFO and Executive V.P., 1st National Bank of South Florida)
Berman, Andrew S., P.A. (Plaintiff’s 3DCA attorney – and county ethics board member)
Butchko, Beatrice (Judge, Eleventh Circuit Court of Florida)
Chartered military service organizations (e.g., VFW, DAV, American Legion, MOAA, etc. )
Cowan, Paul M., P.A. (Glasko’s supervisor with Golden & Cowan Law Firm)
Curry, Thomas J. (Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury)
Eleventh Court of Appeals (Judges Barkett, Marcus, Dubina, Pryor & Wilson)
EWM Real Estate Mortgage Title Insurance, Inc., and EWM Realtors, Inc.
Farina, Joseph P. (Judge, Eleventh Circuit Court of Florida)
Florida Departments of Elder Affairs, Human Resources & Veterans’ Affairs
Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (Medicaid reimbursement)
Glasko, William H., P.A. (Court-appointed lawyer for indigent Orval Irwin)
Gonzalez, Maria, (Vice President, 1st National Bank of South Florida)
Guardianship Program of Dade County (of which Mendez & Mangiero are on the Board)
Gurbin, Ellen (Deputy Clerk, 3rd District Court of Appeals)
Irwin, David F. & Jessica M. (Grandchildren of Orval Irwin)
Irwin, Orval M. (Father / Grandfather – now deceased – who Korvick unjustly ruled a “Ward”)
Irwin, Rodney F. (Younger son - Plaintiff ) - and Irwin, Ralph O. (Elder son - Defendant)
Korvick, Maria M. [Inc.] (Chief Probate Judge, Circuit Probate Division)
Lenard, Joan A. (United States District Court Judge)
Losner, Stephen, P.A. (Executed all Orval Irwin’s Directives; Bill Losner’s son)
Losner, William H. (Chairman of the Board, 1st Nat. Bank of South Florida)
Mangiero, David, P.A. (“Preparer” of the so-called, unexecuted “Irwin & Irwin Irrevocable Trust”)
Martinez-Esteve, Raul J. (Plaintiff & attorney Mendez’s real estate ‘Expert’)
Mendez, Sergio L., P.A. (Plaintiff’s current attorney – and county ethics board member)
Miami-Dade County (Re e.g., Fraudulent Homestead Exemption remittance)
Mondschein, Leonard E., J.D., LL.M. (Defendant’s asset protection advisor)
Musswhite, Margaret (Manager, 1st National Bank of South Florida)
Nelson, Bill (U.S. Senator, FL - re Congressional Inquiry # 110797-2DS )
O’Sullivan, John J. (United States Magistrate Judge)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Re OCC complaint # 01240193 )
Peyton, David A. (President and CEO, 1st National Bank of South Florida)
Reyes, Israel U., P.A. (Former circuit judge who Judge Sigler appointed as “Special Magistrate”)
Ruvin, Harvey (Clerk of the Courts, Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Sigler, Victoria S., (Judge, Eleventh Circuit Court of Florida)
Silverman, Cheryl, P.A. (Guardianship Agent / Plaintiff’s probate attorney)
South Florida Guardianship Program, Inc.
State Attorney’s Office (Re e.g., fraud, theft, conspiracy, obstruction, … etc.)
Sunset Reality & Investments Company, Inc. (Listing Broker)
The Florida Bar – and - The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission
U.S. Attorney’s Office (re e.g., 50 U.S.C. app., § 521(c) – a criminal violation)
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (Re Medicaid reimbursement)
Unidentified federal OCC “customer service” person/s (Responding to Senator Nelson)
Yanes, Beatriz (Loan Officer, JPMorgan Chase Bank)


FRANK N. IRWIN was born in 1893, the son of Texan immigrant Cyrus Houston Irwin buried in Key West. Frank Irwin surveyed the first road to Flamingo and homesteaded “Frank Key.” In 1930, he was commissioned as the only deputy sheriff of South Dade. In 1944 he was elected and appointed constable by Gov. Spessard L. Holland for the District 4 justice of the peace. He and his wife, Pauline, were life-long dedicated members of the First Baptist Church of Homestead.

ORVAL M. IRWIN was born in Homestead in 1922. He was a deacon with the First Baptist Church, worked as a bricklayer & tile setter, helped rebuild the Seminole Theater and later became a building contractor. During the World War II years he operated a large apiary that produced many tons of honey each year. He moved to Northern Virginia for two decades to continue in the construction field, while he and wife Hope continued to operate a ten-unit complex in Homestead known as Irwin Apartments. After returning he served as Director for the Pioneer Museum, authored a book about the Coral Castle (Mr. Can’t is Dead), and a contributing writer for South Dade News Leader.

RALPH O. IRWIN was born in Homestead in 1951. He’s a twice military-retired enlisted, warrant & commissioned officer and combat veteran who served twice in the U.S. Army, twice in the USAF and in support of every major conflict we’ve been involved in for the past 50 years: Vietnam, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. His most recent two job assignments required Top Secret clearance. As a Florida Educator (K-12), Major Irwin also taught at several local schools - and served as a Miami-Dade Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff. His leadership and participation with three Boy Scout Troops spanned over a decade. He also volunteered and served as Commander of USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron 802 in Homestead - and was recognized as the Nation’s top C.A.P. recruiter.

DAVID F. IRWIN was born in 1980 in Panama. He lived in Satellite Beach, FL and Waldorf MD, before coming back to Homestead. While at Redland Middle School he earned the BSA rank of Eagle Scout - and followed by becoming a Homestead Police Explorer.

JESSICA M. IRWIN was born in 1977 in Fayetteville, NC. After graduating South Dade High School she joined the Air Force as a communications technician. As Staff Sergeant, Jessica’s overseas work included a three-year assignment in Germany - and of course, a deployment to the Middle East.



BauerFinancial has been reporting on the performance of Banks since 1983. Bauer’s 05/30/14 ratings show the MAJORITY of Banks in Florida were “RECOMMENDED” -- 1ST National Bank of South Florida was NOT.

But that’s NOT the REAL reason your money is not safe – THIS IS:

NOTICE {filed September 27, 2012, Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Case # 12-12413 CA 42, Rodney Irwin v. Ralph Irwin}

The Bank’s “force debt transfer” of $64,522 from my PERSONAL account was ILLEGAL - and Bill Losner KNEW IT!

The Bank received a 09/23/08 “Order On Petition To Hire David Mangiero To Prepare An Irrevocable Trust…”; a 11/03/08 partially signed “Irrevocable Trust” document; - AND - a letter from Silverman “directing” the transfer.

There was NO reference in this Order – or to any other order, finding or legal authority – that SHOWED the funds in my account – lawfully transferred for asset protection purposes – legally REMAINED the property of my father.

There was NO affirmative allegation – by anyone – that I had mismanaged ANY of my parent’s affairs or finances.

There was NO order - or “finding”- by Judge Korvick that ruled or declared my personal assets, i.e., the money I’d sheltered and put in my name – was the property of “the ward” - or “personal assets of the estate” (F.S. 69.031).

There was NO valid receipt filed in the name of the estate acknowledging assets the Bank received (F.S. 69.031).

There was NO EXECUTED “Trust”- yet the “name of the estate” the Bank CITES is “Irwin & Irwin Irrevocable Trust.”

There was NO service by the Bank to me, the victim of the forced transfer, of a copy of said “receipt” (F.S. 69.031).

There was NO service by Silverman to me of a copy of said “receipt” until 21 months later when legally compelled.

NOTE: The motion I filed DEMANDING said receipt was STRICKEN & REMOVED by Judge Korvick on Mar. 22, 2012.

There was NO identification ON the receipt of the Bank official WHO ACCEPTED the “forced debt transfer” funds.

NOTE: Receipt is dated 1/5/09 – 5 days BEFORE the ‘forced debt transfer’ date of 1/8/09 shown on my statement.

There was NO compliance with ANY of the requirements of Chapter 76, Florida Statutes, regarding Attachment.

There was NO compliance by anyone with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 64, Seizing a Person or Property.

There was NO SHOWING by Glasko (the appointed attorney for Dad) who Korvick ordered to Execute the Trust (that contradicted all Dad’s advance directives (that Rodney says attorney Steve Losner said he “lost”)), THAT HE EVER DID.

There was NO MENTION of the word “Trust” in ANY of Glasko’s itemized Petitions for Ad Litem Fees and Costs.

There was NO signature by Glasko on the fraudulent “Trust” document that Silverman had served to the Bank.

There was NO FILED assertion of the EXISTENCE of ANY valid “executed” Trust by Silverman, Glasko or Korvick.

There was NO “Notice of Trust” filed by Silverman or Glasko – or anyone– as REQUIRED by F.S. 736.05055; AND

There was NO order EVER issued by Judge Korvick that DIRECTED the seizure of the funds in my personal account.

It was THEFT of $64,522 pure & simple.

BANKSTER William Losner must be held accountable!

Ralph Irwin, Major, USAF (Ret.)

Zipcode: 33031
City: Homestead
State: Florida


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