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Broken metal rod in back (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2010-04-29 16:04:33
Page Views: 5082
Dispute with: A Business, Company, or Store
Amount: Over $100,000
Description: I had a metal rod put in my back in 1995 and it broke almost 2 years ago in 2 places.The docter put in pedicle screws which at the time FDA had warned docters not to promote thosee because they were not approved. He also never had me do any physical therapy,brace,anything. He told me It would never break and I can do everything everyone else does. Well I am 29 have 2 little boys am a healthry size 4 girl so its not from obesity,I got my medical records and he did not put the name of the the anywhere.Just "a rod" But my mom and I both remember him saying he created it and was calling it the dunn bar.Well My lower 3 discs are herniated,I have stinosis and arthritus where the rod is and I am in constant pain. THey want to remove iti but are afraid a paralisis.Please help me I only have a week left to file something and I dont know where or how to!
Zipcode: 84095
State: Utah


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The time to get an attorney was two years ago, no when the statute of limitations is going to expire. Call one of those blowhards that advertises on TV, they are probably the only ones that would take your case now.

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