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What is HelpMeSue.com and how can I use it?

HelpMeSue.com was founded to make it easier for Americans to find affordable legal assistance.

As an attorney, you can help in two ways:

Share your knowledge

You can quickly, easily, and anonymously post a public comment on any of the cases on HelpMeSue.com. When you see a case that you can help out on, please post a constructive comment. Remember, these comments are public.

Offer your professional services.

If you see a case that is in your field and area, you can contact the case poster directly to offer your services. You must have an account and be logged-in in order to contact the case poster directly. Most case posters choose to use HelpMeSue.com's anonymous email feature. This means that you will see an email address that looks like this on the post: "helpmesue+1234567890@helpmesue.com". When you email this address, HelpMeSue.com will forward your email to the case poster. They can then choose whether or not to respond to you. These communications are private. This service is free.

Can I sign up for a HelpMeSue.com account? How much does it cost? What do I get?

Yes, we encourage attorneys to sign up for a HelpMeSue.com account. This is completely free. By signing up for a HelpMeSue.com account, attorneys will be able to email case posters privately.

Can I advertise on HelpMeSue.com?
In order to make HelpMeSue.com easier to use, we have chosen to limit the amount of space we dedicate to advertising. If you are interested in placing an advertisement on HelpMeSue.com, please email us at ads@helpmesue.com for details.