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How To Sue Tips

If your dispute is for money-only, in other words, not for the return of specific property, reinstatement of a job, or some other non-monetary demand, and it is for an amount less than $7,500, representing yourself in Small Claims court may be your best option.

We're put together a quick reference for everyone wondering how to sue in Small Claims court, collecting the best of what we've seen on the web.

In general, filing a Small Claims case is low cost, low risk, and relatively speaking, fast. You will almost always be more informed that your opponent, especially if they are a large company, and in many cases your opponents will not even show up to court!

Read the step-by-step success stories below, and you may find that in your state, you can file your claim *online* and have a check in the mail in a matter of weeks.

Success Stories from Actual Small Claims Cases

Suing Google in Small Claims court, and winning


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Success stories detailing suits against "junk fax" operators across the US - a great template to follow for any type of Small Claims suits


How to File a Small Claims Case

Official State-by-State Small Claims court information


Small Claims FAQ and Step-by-Step How-To Guides


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How to sue in Virginia for Small Claims


What is Small Claims court? Written by a legal Professor in Texas


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